In order to provide the customer service level for which Keck's Food Service is recognized, we ask that you review our ordering procedures:

white bullet point DELIVERY MINIMUM ORDER - $700.00 (KFS has the lowest broadline distributor minimum requirement)
white bullet point 5 pm ORDER DEADLINE - (for next day delivery)
white bullet point 1 pm DEADLINE (for next day) USDA PROCESSING ORDERS
white bullet point Office Hours: 7 am - 5 pm (Monday through Friday), 2 pm - 5 pm (Sunday by appointment)
white bullet point Operational logistics make late orders prohibitive; especially due to the impact late orders have on meeting our customers targeted delivery windows.
white bullet point ADD-ON (ORDER) - Order add-ons may be placed up to 5 pm
white bullet point Information needed when placing orders (if available): account name, delivery day requested (if available), account number, product #, brief description; quantity
white bullet point Customer inventory/order guides are available. Inquire with your Sales & Marketing Representative or Customer Service.